The Best Gold Investment Companies of 2022

November 1, 2022 - Written by Scott Williams

With the downturn of our financial market, retirement accounts losing value, and inflation skyrocketing, investors are looking for alternative assets to save their wealth. Precious metals such as gold and silver are a trusted option with many benefits not seen in other assets.

A gold IRA is a tax-efficient way to invest in precious metals, which is a great choice given you find the right provider. Below we detail the best gold IRA companies on the market based on business ratings, client reviews, fees, processes, and compliance. 

#1 Best Pricing

Goldco Precious Metals

Rated 4.9/5 Stars Overall

  • Decades of experience
  • Best pricing
  • White glove customer service
  • Unique promotions
#2 Best Client Feedback

Augusta Precious Metals

Rated 4.8/5 Stars Overall

  • Wealthy ambassadors & clientele
  • Unique educational conference
  • Simple process
  • Best customer feedback
#3 Best Buyback Program

American Hartford Gold

Rated 4.6/5 Stars Overall

  • Best brand recognition
  • Founded in 2003
  • Best buyback program
  • Has a cult-like following

Top 5 Best Gold Investment Companies


Best For


#1 Goldco Precious Metals

Best Customer Service & Pricing

#2 Augusta Precious Metals

Best Customer Feedback

#3 American Hartford Gold

Best Buyback Program

#4 Birch Gold Group

Best Education Options

#5 Noble Gold Investments

Lowest Minimum

The Best Gold Investment Companies in Detail

#1 Goldco Precious Metals

Best Pricing, Best Customer Service

Rated 4.9/5 Stars

Key Features

  • Over a decade of gold IRA handling
  • Up to $10,000 in free silver: Click Here
  • White-glove customer service
  • Low yearly fees 

Goldco Precious Metals is one of the most well-known gold and silver IRA companies in the United States.

They have made a name for themselves with top-tier customer service, low fees, transparent processing, and stellar customer service.

About Goldco:

Goldco Precious Metals was founded in 2006 with the mission of helping investors diversify their portfolio and secure their retirement funds with gold and silver.

Goldco now offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to their IRA investors, which allows you to invest in only one metal, or a customized combination of the metals of your choice. 

Trevor Gerszt is the founder and owner of Goldco; he has decades of experience in wealth and asset protection which plays a large part in Goldco's mission and processes. 

Goldco is at the top-tier for business ratings in the IRA industry: they maintain an A+ with Better Business Bureau, an AAA with the Business Consumer Alliance, and a 4.8 on TrustPilot.

Who is Goldco Precious Metals Best For?

Goldco Precious Metals is best for the specific investors who:

  • Want to save their funds from risks of the stock market. Precious metals are a no-risk investment, which offer a safe haven against market fluctuations. Even when traditional securities are falling, precious metals like gold and silver stay consistent. 
  • People looking for a safe retirement investment. As mentioned above, traditional stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, are no longer the safe haven investment we once thought of them as. But when it comes to precious metals, you don't have to do extensive research. Precious metals are safe, have a finite supply, and intrinsic value to maintain their demand. 
  • People who are retired or are about to retire. The crisis in 2008 was a disaster, and the financial security of our current market is offering no promises. Protecting your hard-earned wealth from similar risks is best done with precious metals.
  • People who don't want their funds reliant on fiat-currency or a stock market running on it. The debt of our nation is the greatest in the world, and as we now see, our politicians have no desire to stop printing more of our currency, leaving the financial burden on us. Precious metals offer a safe way out before this disaster gets worse.

Fees & Minimum Investment

Fees: $175-$230/year

Investment Minimum: $25,000

Promotions: Up to $10k in free silver


  • Best pricing in the industry
  • New client promotions
  • Backed by Sean Hannity and many others
  • Stellar customer service


  • Only for U.S. investors
  • Online setup not offered
#1 Goldco Precious Metals

Best Pricing, Best Customer Service

Rated 4.9/5 Stars

Main Points

  • A+ with the BBB, AAA with the BCA
  • No-pressure sales approach
  • White-glove customer service
  • Low fee structure
  • Great buyback program

Goldco Precious Metals has earned the title of best gold IRA company for many reasons: white-glove customer service, transparent fees and processes, and no-pressure sales approach to name a few.

Goldco Precious Metals Details

Goldco has been on the market since 2006 and has continuously scored overwhelmingly positive business ratings. Achieving and maintaining an A+ with the BBB, and an AAA with the BCA is not commonplace in the finance world. Along with their positive business ratings, they also have great client feedback regarding their thorough customer service, quick and painless processing, guidance and help with paperwork, and other factors that make them stand above their competitors. 

Goldco's process is seamless; they prioritize helping Americans protect their wealth during a time of economic instability and increasing levels of inflation. 

Trevor Gerszt is the founder of Goldco Precious Metals. His lengthy career in asset protection inspired him to turn towards the most stable and reliable investment in the world: precious metals. 

Who is Goldco a Best Match For?

Goldco Precious Metals is best for the specific investors who:

  • Want to save their retirement from risks that come with inflation and the recession.
  • Investors looking to avoid what happened in 2008 and protect their wealth.
  • People who are about to retire and have an IRA/401k with an employer.
  • Savy investors that want to diversify out of U.S. fiat currency and stock market.

Fees & Minimum Investment

Annual Fees:


Minimum Investment:


Up to $10,000 in free silver



  • Best pricing structure in the industry
  • New client promotions
  • Guidance from start to finish including necessary paperwork
  • Stellar customer service and reviews
  • Pristine business ratings from reliable sources


  • Doesn't serve clients outside of the United States
  • Online setup not possible
goldco customer review 2
goldco customer review
#2 Augusta Precious Metals

Best Client Feedback

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

Key Features

  • Backed by ambassador Joe Montana
  • 1-on-1 educational conference
  • Simple investing process
  • Best client feedback

About Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is the only gold IRA company that has no complaints since inception. They were founded in 2012 and has since maintained a level of customer service and client feedback you will get with the top 2 companies.

They are lightyears ahead of their competition when it comes to education; their one-on-one web conference with Harvard economist Devlyn Steele is a necessary part of their process. Their aim is to provide their clients with all the information needed about the current stock market, levels of inflation, necessity for diversification, and what their personal best options are given their unique situation. 

When you're working with Augusta, you're working with true professionals that know the ins and outs of the financial sector, its past, and what to do to protect yourself from getting your retirement funds eaten up by avoidable causes. 

The firm's top-level executives have over 50 years of experience in precious metal investing and hedging against market risks. 

Augusta has pristine business ratings: they have kept a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an AAA with the Business Consumer Alliance, and a 5.0 with TrustLink.

The CEO of Augusta is finance expert Isaac Nuriani; he had a vision of protecting retirement accounts in the United States, and giving Americans tax efficient methods of investing in assets with intrinsic value. 

Who is Augusta Precious Metals Best For?

Augusta Precious Metals best serves almost-retired investors who want to roll over a minimum of $50,000 into a precious metals IRA and protect their wealth. 

Fees & Minimum Investment

Annual Fees:

Minimum Investment:




No fees for up to 10 years


  • one-on-one conference with Harvard economist 
  • Wealthy clients flock to Augusta
  • Pristine customer service
  • No complaints to date


  • $50,000 investment minimum
  • No palladium/platinum, only gold and silver
  • Education process takes longer to complete investment
augusta customer review
augusta customer review 2
#3 American Hartford Gold

Stellar Buyback Program

Rated 4.7/5 Stars

Key Features

  • Best buyback program in the gold industry
  • $10,000 min. investment
  • In gold IRA business for 20 years
  • High level of brand recognition

About American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is the most recognized gold IRA brand on the market. They, like Goldco and Augusta, have seamlessly maintained a pristine reputation, leaving very little for clients to complain about. AHG sees many repeat customers because of their seamless process and kind staff. They lower the perceived risk of precious metal investing because of their buyback program, but have very few investors wishing to sell back their metals.

American Hartford has delivered over $1 billion in metals, so you can say they have some experience under their belt. They are rated with a 5.0 on TrustPilot, an A+ from the BBB, and an AAA with the BCA. 

They have many different services for portfolio management, and rollover services for investors' retirement accounts, whether or not they are with an employer.

Fees & Minimum Investment

Annual Fees:

Minimum Investment:

No listed


American Hartford Endorsers


  • Best brand recognition
  • Over $1 billion in metals delivered
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great buyback program


  • No online account setup
  • Only for investors in the U.S.

#4 Birch Gold Group - Best Education

4.5/5 Rating

*Best delivery services

*Best education options

*Great brand recognition

Birch Gold Group has been in the precious metals IRA game for nearly two decades. Its website features real-time interactive gold, silver, and palladium graphs. It also includes detailed articles about gold investing. The company is affiliated with the American Numismatic Association. And it's transparent, with flat fees for all transactions.

Birch Gold Group is a California-based company that specializes in precious metals and retirement planning. Since its inception in 2003, the company has served thousands of customers and has never had a complaint. They are known for offering competitive rates and customer-oriented services, and they specialize in gold and silver IRAs. The company also provides valuable education materials and assigns a precious metals expert to each client.

Birch Gold Group is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating. It also has an A+ rating on TrustScore. It also has 121 positive customer reviews. Customer reviews praise Birch Gold Group's knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. When a customer calls to request an IRA, they are asked to answer a few questions and fill out an application. Then they attach any required documents and sign an agreement.

Birch Gold Group's economic analytics department monitors the economy and gives regular updates to clients over the phone or in one-on-one webinars. 

#5 Noble Gold Investments - Lowest Minimum

4.4/5 Rating


*$2k minimum investment

*Great customer service

Noble Gold Investments is a relatively new entrant in the gold IRA market, but it has already established itself as one of the best options for novice investors. This is due in part to its low minimum investment requirements and extensive educational resources. Additionally, it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a five-star rating from Consumer Affairs. It also offers free introductory consultations, as well as extensive educational materials on gold investing.

The company pairs clients with a dependable advisor who won't use high-pressure sales techniques. In addition, clients can rollover their existing IRA funds with Noble Gold. This is advantageous for investors because they don't have to worry about paying taxes when moving their money. Furthermore, Noble Gold has an online account access facility that lets users check their account status any time.

As one of the best gold IRA companies, Noble Gold also offers a buyback program. The company will buy your metals back if you decide to sell them at a later date. This buyback program also gives investors flexibility to change their goals. This is an excellent feature for new investors in the precious metals industry.

In addition to offering educational resources, Noble Gold also assigns experienced advisors to each client. Their advisors are committed to helping their clients understand the gold market. Noble Gold also offers competitive pricing and free shipping. With hundreds of five-star reviews, customers can trust Noble Gold to protect their money.